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About Davida

Davida Yemi-Akanle Founder

Hello, I’m Davida Yemi-Akanle

I’m a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist and Christian minister.

I love to empower women and one of the ways I do this is through economic empowerment.

I help professional women start their business’ smart, get more clients and make more profits.

I help them improve their personal economies, realise their business dreams and achieve their financial goals.

​My 10K Women Entrepreneur vision is aimed empowering 10,000 women economically through action based entrepreneurship education, business education and financial education

I’m a licensed facilitator of the Get Clients Now! Program. A road tested marketing program for service based businesses and practitioners. It’s a program that has helped over 100,000 independent professionals build a thriving business by doing a few simple things each day.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Although, I’ve got a passion for business, marketing and wealth creation, I consider myself to be an accidental entrepreneur.

I’ve been in business since 1996 as: a financial educator, a start up business trainer and coach, an internet marketer, IT consultant and lecturer.

I stumbled into into entrepreneurship in 1996 even though I didn’t know that that was what it was.

I was a co-director of a Computing company with 11 other IT enthusiasts in the City of London.

This experience opened me up to the world of business and computing in a way that nothing else could.

Our company was a co-op, which meant that we were both owners of the business, thus directors, as well as its employees.

We all had to get involved in the running of the business as well as the delivery of services to our clients.

So one day we were running marketing campaigns, the next day it was sorting out the bookkeeping, and the following day was developing courses and delivering them to clients and the next day it was doing some business analysis at a client site , delivering their database system or installing or transitioning them over to a new network system.

Little did I realise that I was being prepared for the world of business.

After doing this for several years I had a life changing experience. It was an experience that changed my heart and direction.

I decided to quit my 9-5 JOB cum business and follow my heart.

Now, here I was in the world of business all by myself.

Using the skills and experience that I had gained my 9-to-5, I set myself up as an IT consultant and web site designer.

I got into helping solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations acheive their business goals.

I did this for a little while and soon found myself helping people to start up their businesses and not-for-profits while at the same time getting heavily into web site design for my clients. (The Internet was the new kid on the block and having a website was becoming the order of the day.)

Pretty websites but no clients…

One day, I came to the realisation that I was building pretty websites but these websites weren’t attracting clients.

My search for a solution to this problem, eventually lead me into the world of Internet marketing.

Internet marketing was a whole different ball game.

I loved Internet marketing and still do.

I learnt how to build client attractive businesses.

I heard about people making money while they slept, but I didn’t know it could happen to me.

Well, it did, and I caught the passive income bug.

The world of business started to open up for me…

I soon became a coach, mentor and lecturer on the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, a prestigious college for helping emerging entrepreneurs, in the UK, (Peter Jones is one of the dragons on Dragon’s Den, a British reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to millionaires willing to invest their own money).

I became the top team recruiter within weeks of joining a utilitlity direct sales company.

I started to attract the attention of the leaders of the company.

People from everywhere seemed to want to know what I was doing to get the kind of results I was getting.

I didn’t really know I was doing anything different than anybody else.

I effortlessly became top team recruiter once again within weeks of joining a Financial Education direct sales company, even breaking the recruitment record of all team members put together to that date.

I was soon attracting attention as a key playing in my team and the owner of the business.

Getting client seemed like second nature to me, at least when worked out what I needed to do and made it my main focus, but then I realise a lot of people struggled to get clients.

I realise that a lot of businesses went bankrupt because of no clients.

I became passionate about helping people get clients so I launched my Smart Marketer’s Academy and ran that for a season and got some great results for my students.

I am a business startup and marketing mentor for Enterprising Women, a vibrant and dynamic national networking community in the UK that helps women to start-up and grow their businesses, supporting members with their enterprise journey.

I host Women, Wisdom and Wealth with Davida, a online live show for women entrepreneurs.

I run a Wealth Accelerate mastermind program for women entrepreneurs, to help them get unstuck and accelerate their success in business and a Smart Marketers Academy for helping small business owners get more clients.

I am a prolific writer and author, I have written and published sixteen books to date, and have several more in the pipeline. I help women achieve the bookwriting goals and help them with the editing, publishing and marketing of their books.

I am an advocate for vulnerable women and children.  I am the founder of the Vulnerable Women and Chridren Action Group and a Co-founder of No to Domestic Abuse and Violence.

Connect with me, let’s create wealth, impact and transform our world together.


What Others Are Saying!

Janet Symon-Lewis  Health Hair & Beauty Consultant

I had 2 Customers by the Night and by About 4 Weeks After the Program I had 7...

”After going through the program with Davida, by the night I had two customers, by the end of the week I had delivered services to two of them, right now which is about 3 – 4 weeks after the program, I have had 7 customers.”

I Birthed My Book Series... I'm Working on the 7th One...

“After struggling for many years to write my book, Davida helped me to write and publish 6 of them. We are working on the 7th one. With Davida’s support and encouragement, my book ministry was birthed.”

Gbemisola Olayinka
Frances Mahon           Oasis - Wedding Consultant & Planner 

I Discovered My Most Profitable Niche...

““Working with Davida to choose my most profitable Niche was quite an eye opener and was extremely helpful. I had been chasing my tail. I had multiple niches, most which were bringing some income in, but were not really profitable. I am now able focus, get unstuck and move forward with my Business. The good thing is that my most profitable niche also happens to be one that I am most passionate about.”

I Can Charge What My Services are Worth!

"I feel more valuable, thanks to you! I realised, I was underselling myself and services, but now I am able to charge what they are worth. I see myself in a new light from working with you and I have learnt to carry myself in that way. I have learnt to place a high value on myself, my time and what I do, I don’t give my services out for nothing like I used to.”

Temitope Ashamu Freelance Editor and Writing Coach
Caroline Gikonyo Business Coach

I Got 2 Individual Clients...4 Sign-ups...

I got 2 individual clients... 4 sign-ups for my program... created an ebook... gained confidence... got to realize that marketing is not a one-off activity, but something I can incorporate into my day and have an easier and more enjoyable time with it. I wish I had found this program earlier.

Sharon McLean  Business with Excellence,        Business Consultant

I Got My Book Published...

“Thank you Davida for taking me through the step by step process to getting my book published called Business Pearls. Your service has been professional and consistent. I really appreciated the fact that you were able to answer any questions I had as we went along no matter how many times I asked. I am pleased with the result and would not hesitate recommending your services to others. I look forward to working with you again on future publications.””

Jasmine Detroit Diversity Consultant

I Got Clarity on the Viability of My Business Idea and Target Market...

““Davida was kind enough to counsel me in my endeavours. She helped give clarity to my kernel of an idea and pointed out potential pitfalls that I need to research before putting forth the effort in formalizing a business. I further appreciated her kingdom focused mindset in making sure I am obedient to God’s calling upon my life. Davida is extremely personable and shared her own life experience which enabled me to be comfortable in sharing myself with her. Davida is not only knowledgeable but supportive and her desire is that I am prosperous in whatever God has assigned for me to do!”

That Brings My Total Income (all unplanned) to $900...

“Well, it was the most productive week I have had in months. One of my doctor appointments resulted in a referral to a consultation client ... That brings my total income (all unplanned) to $900 for the week. I am filled with gratitude...

Jo Ann Siebie 
Maria Hornsby-Odio
House of Africa

I Was Able to Make Adjustments to My Business Practices and Personal Finaces...

“‘As I sat listening, I was able to make adjustments in my business practices and personal finances.”.”

I Was Able to Find a More Satisfying and Profitable Niche

“I’d been struggling to build my business, and after having a Clarity Session with Davida, I realised that I was focusing on an unprofitable niche.

My session with Davida has helped me uncover a more profitable and satisfying niche that will help me achieve my goals and build a profitable and more stable business.”

Joko Omole- CEO
Zoliab Events and Gift Packaging Solutions

I Would Have Given Up On My Social Enterprise Idea...

The Mastermind group sessions helped me to clarify which idea to develop. I was shown the best way to carry out market research in order to identify the needs and how to present my services.

It was also great to have people who held me accountable to my goals and actions and they followed me up. It is very likely that I would have given up my social enterprise concept without the mastermind.

Dupe Makinde - Founder, The Blossom Woman Project.

Dupe Makinde 
Founder - The Blossom Woman Project

About the Author

Hello, I’m Davida Yemi-Akanle.

I’m a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. I love to empower women and one of the ways I do this is through economic empowerment.

I help professional women start their business’ smart, get more clients and make more profits. I help them improve their personal economies, realise their business dreams and achieve their financial goals.

I’m passionate about helping women get rid of their money worries and create abundance in their lives. I teach them how to stop worrying about money, make more money whilst freeing up their time to live their dreams.

I'm a Licensed Facilitator for the Get Clients Now!™ 28-Day Program.​