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What’s Stopping You From Getting Clients?

July 3, 2017

You’re struggling to get clients.


You are too far invested: money, time, sweat!


You’ve spent so much time developing your business, you can’t just abandon it at this stage.


So what do you do now?


You’ve have advertised and done everything you can to get some clients, but you’ve gotten nowhere.


You have advertised in the Yellow Pages.


You’ve created a website.


You’ve created business cards and leaflets.


Someone suggested that car magnets work too.


You went out to get some.


Although you hate them, you’ve been for a few networking meetings too, but still no clients.


You’re very good at what you do, but you just have no clients show for it.


What’s slowing you down?


What’s standing in your way?


What’s stopping you from achieving all the results that you want?


What’s stopping you from getting all the clients you want?


You’ll need to figure out why you don’t have the clients you want.


Here are 5 of the common obstacles preventing most women entrepreneurs from getting clients:


PROBLEM #1: You’ve built your business wrong.


Now this one is a biggie.


Most people end up building egocentric businesses.


Even though every business may look the same to a novice, building a business that will constantly attract clients is a whole different ballgame.


A business, when built the wrong way round, can often turn getting clients into a game of hide and seek.


In most cases, it’s like the clients are hiding and you are seeking.


That’s not fun.


You end up spending your time looking everywhere, in every hole and every corner trying to find clients who seem to be so elusive.


Well, all is not lost.


You can reverse the curse.


You can rebuild your business using client centric principles.


To make this process easier for my clients I created what I call the idcTriggers Technique. Using this approach you uncover your ideal client’s hot buttons, their hidden motivation that drives them and causes them to become paying client’s fast.


This gives you a starting point to work from when designing and building your business, helping you to build a business with clients and profits in its DNA, a business with clients and profits factored in from ground up.


PROBLEM #2: No Skills


You don’t have the skills for getting clients or making a sale.


If you’re just transitioning into business from your 9-to-5, getting clients may be an Achilles heel.


There is a likelihood that you never acquired the skills for getting clients.


So how did you miraculously expect to get them?


You’re good at what you do because you developed the skills for doing that, but to get clients for your business you need a whole new different skill set.


This often has to be learnt like anything else.


Could it be that this gap in your skill set is stopping you from getting clients?


PROBLEM #3: No System


You don’t have a system for finding and enrolling clients into your business.


One of the biggest reasons why aspiring woman entrepreneurs struggle with finding clients is this: they do not have a step by step system that will take them from finding a client to successfully signing them up for business.


Most of the time you don’t know what you are doing or what you should be doing.


So you eventually give up.


Only to try again, and again, and yes again with nothing to show for it.


Without this step-by-step system you approach you marketing tactically, in an ad hoc manner, rather than systematically.


It’s only a systematic approach gives type of results you are looking for.


PROBLEM #4: Fear


You might be finding it difficult to get clients because of fear.


You are afraid to put yourself out there.


You are afraid to connect with an audience.


You are afraid to go out there and have conversations with potential clients.


The lack of confidence in your knowledge stops you every time.


It stops you from stepping out your comfort zone to get clients.


People buy confidence and fear can be smelt from afar.


Fear is a killer of opportunities.


You unconsciously avoid opportunities.


You unconsciously avoid potential clients.


Fear is a killer of dreams.


It’s been the slayer of many budding businesses.


It’s been the number one slayer of many aspiring women entrepreneurs.


Make sure it’s not a slayer of YOU.


You must not give in to it.


Understandably, you many have been exposed to the wrong method of selling by many pushy sales people, and you don’t see yourself doing the same to anyone in anyway.


This can make you reluctant and fearful of selling, even when you’ve found a client who really desires what you have to offer.


What my idcTriggers Technique does is that it helps you eliminate this fear, since you are encouraged to design your business and marketing activities from the perspective of what the client really wants, rather than what you want them to have.


It makes it easier for you to sell even when you hate selling.


PROBLEM 5: Overwhelm


You lack clarity.


Marketing seems overwhelming and daunting.


You’ve come across several options for marketing your business and getting clients.


You don’t know which ones to use.


You can’t seem to discern the difference between the most effective ones and the less effective ones.


They all seem to be one of a kind, promising the same results – more clients, even though in reality they are not.


You get conflicting information from gurus you’ve subscribed to, webinars you attend, podcasts you listen to and friends who are trying to get clients too.


You can’t seem to work your way through the maze of the many options that present themselves everyday.


You are overwhelmed.


Confusion sets in.


What does a confused person do?




So you do nothing.


You are paralysed by the many seemingly legitimate options.


One way out of overwhelm is this: choose one course of action and stick to it.


Choose what to focus on that will deliver results.


Another way out is to have a plan.


Be disciplined enough to stay accountable to that plan till you get some results.


The need to stay accountable presents another problem.


It’s hard.


You most probably need an accountability partner to stay true to your plan.  Ask a friend if they can be an accountability partner.


However, if you want better results, if you are really ready to take your business seriously, you are better off investing in a coach to help you gain clarity, plan a course of action for getting clients and work your plan, rather than asking a friend or family member to serve as your business accountability partner.


Friends and family members mean good, but life has a way of presenting them with other priorities, and then you find their loyalty to you and your marketing plan taking second, third or fourth place.


Join a mastermind, an accountability group or even better a Get More Clients boot camp since that’s more relevant to your goal of getting clients.


What is a good option for helping you achieve your client getting goals?


What will help you stay focused, operate at a higher level of efficiency, energy and live above the overwhelm?


You need to do something different.


If you’re really ready to get different results from what you’ve been getting, you need to do something fairly radical to get different results.


You need to take action.


Otherwise, you’ll simply sink back into overwhelm.


What’s Your Next Step Going to Be?

From the insight in this post, you may have been able to pick out one or two things that might be stopping you from getting clients and you might have been able to pick two or three things that you start working on.


It might have been a mindset shift that you needed.


You may need to revisit your business’ foundation and make the necessary tweaks to make your business more client ready.


You may need someone to be accountable to, someone to hold you accountable to your marketing plan and goals.


Or it might even be not having a marketing plan that’s keeping you stuck; without a marketing plan, you are like a train without the rail tracks, there is nothing for you to run on.


The difference between people who succeeded and people who fail is simple – people who fail often don’t have a plan, and even when they do, they don’t get started.


They don’t take action.


But now you know what you could do and you’ve got a bit of traction, it’s time you take action.




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