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How to Get Your First 3 Paying Clients: A 5-Step Guide

July 3, 2017

Can you relate?


You’ve found a business idea that you’re passionate about, one that excites you.


You’ve developed your idea.


You have a new born business.


You’re ready to launch.


1 – 2 – 3 Launch.


Zero clients.


You’ve built it.


You’ve launched it.


They have not come.


You’re confused.


You’re even embarrassed.




What do you do?


Your biggest challenge right now is you have zero clients.


The even bigger problem is you don’t really know why they haven’t come.


Well, let’s face it: you don’t know how to get clients.


Well, it seems like it, doesn’t it?




So what should you do now?


You go to the web and type: “How do I find my first client?”


Google list several web links.


Click, read.


Click, read.


Click, read.


You come across this article.


“How to get your first 3 paying client: A 5-step guide.”


Looking for this client is just like looking for a needle in haystack.


Well, it’s becoming pretty much like it.


You don’t know where to begin.


More like one of those detective stories.


You think you are on to something good, then suddenly you’re back to square 1.


A bit of a mystery.


Everything looks like a big blur.


You’re dazed.


You’re in a big maze.


“Help, get me out of here!”


You are slowly coming to the realisation that you don’t know how to market.


You begin to doubt yourself.


You begin to doubt your decisions about stepping out to start your own business.


Well, it’s still early days, probably you should quit.


Or may be you should give it one more try.


All the excitement you started your business with is gradually fizzling out.


You’ve hit this obstacle.


It’s not shifting.


It’s like you’ve hit a blank wall.


You try to get through it, but you can’t find the door.


You’ve tried to climb over it, but you can’t.


You’ve tried to dig under it, but that’s been impossible too.


You’ve tried going around it, but there seems to be no way of escape.


You’re stuck.


You’re getting pretty desperate.


Oh dear!


But do you want to know the truth of the matter?

This is what no one is brave enough to tell you…


If you still don’t know how you are going to get your first client at this stage of your business development, you’ve probably built your business the wrong way.


Why do I say that?


Not being able to get your first client is symptomatic of having skipped over some fundamentals.


You’ve probably built an ego centric business.


Well, if you have built your business the right way, you would’ve started with knowing how to find your first client.


Good business research would have preceded your business startup efforts.


And good business research starts with having conversations with potential clients.


You would have found your clients at the very start of your business design stage.


PS: But if you believe you’ve built your business right, you may be able to get some, more insights into this Zero Client problem in my article: [Name of Article].


Now, let’s see what how we can help you recover from this Zero Client position.


These 5 simple steps can help you recover the situation.


Now, the degree of recovery will really depend on how client centric or ego centric your business is.


You may at some point need to revisit your business’ foundation and make the necessary transition from an ego centric business to a client centric one.


So these are the steps:


Step 1: Clarify who you serve and how you serve them.


You can still recover the situation if you have already done a good job at clarifying who your ideal client is, can identify them and clearly state what problem you solve for them.


For example:


I work with professional women who are struggling to get clients. I help them build their business smart, get more clients and make more profits, so that they can have the time and money freedom to live their dreams.


I work with [Who is your prospective client is and what problem do you solve for them?] ________________________________________________________________________


I help them [How do you help them?] _________________________________________


Step 2: Go for the low hanging fruit

Your first client is often hidden in your immediate scope of influence. They are often family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or past work colleagues etc.


This group of people are often called your warm market. They are already people who know, like, and trust you.


Step 3: Have Sales Conversations


Entrepreneurship is a conversion game, you continually have to convert what you have into what you don’t have.


It’s time to begin the process of converting the people on your warm list into your first few paying clients.


So, what you want to do now is to have conversations with them.


The question in the client’s mind at this time often is: “What can you do for me?”


The client wants to know what your services and products can do for them can do for them.


This is your opportunity to share the benefits you being to the table and how you can help them.


Step 4. Answer any Concerns


Even though clients often want what you have on offer, they sometimes have concerns which often prevent them from making purchases.


Your job is to answer their questions, eliminate their concerns and help them move on to the next step of the buying process.


Step 5. Sign them up!


Once you’ve dealt with all their concerns to their satisfaction, the next step is to close the sale.


To close the sale you may say something like:


“When would you like to go ahead?”


“This is what happens next…”


“I’ll send the contact, you’ll get it first thing tomorrow morning.”


One key to Getting all the Clients You Want


It’s tough getting your first client, but you need more than one client to run a successful business.


Recruit your first paying client and give them a great experience, this will turn them into your business evangelist, they’ll spread the good news about your business everywhere they go.


You can’t wait for other clients to come to you. You have to go out and get them.


Nothing happens until you do something.


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