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An Open Letter to Professional Women Who Feel Trapped in Their 9-5 but Yearn for More Time and Money to Live Their Dreams

June 22, 2017

You know there is more to life than this.


You wake up in the morning and you’re on your way to the office that you really dread going back to.


But what can you do?


Everybody’s doing it.


Everybody’s sucking up to the boss, trying to get into their good books.


You can’t say no to the boss. Your job may be the next one on the line.


Everybody is watching their back.


You’ve got to watch your back too.


It’s tense.


You’ve got to smile when on the inside you’re not really smiling.


You wish you could quit, but you can’t.


You don’t even know where to start.


What do people have to do to get a job these days you sometimes wonder?


Where do you start to look?


You dread the idea of filling another job application form.


The thought of going for interview after interview makes you shudder.


Your skills are a bit out of date.


You can’t quit.


You don’t even have any savings.


You’ve been living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque for so long now.


Pay-cheque to pay-cheque living has become the new norm.


As soon as you pay one bill, the next one is staring you in the face asking to be paid.


So you know you can’t quit.


You need to keep on working to pay off those bills.


So, you are back at the office working that treadmill called a JOB.


You know you’ve got a calling, but you can’t think about that.


Your JOB won’t let you.


Money is dictating what you do.


Money is ruling over you.


You know this isn’t right, but you can’t see the way out.


“Is there a day when I’d ever be free? Sigh.”


But what if I told you you can be free, would you believe me?


In fact, what if I got on the phone with you and worked with you on a plan so you can break the grip that that 9-5 has over your life?


You may not believe it’s possible, but listen…




But there was a day I walked free.


Yes, I walked free.


In 2003.


I followed my heart and quit my 9-5.


Did I hate my 9-to-5?


No, I really loved it. I thought the world of it.


But one day, destiny came calling.


I knew I had to answer.


I worked as an IT Consultant in a computing firm in the city of London.


Up till that point it was the best thing that had ever happened to me.


I was a director alongside 11 others who jointly owned the company with me.


It was our company.


We were both owners and employees.


It was a 9-to-5.


But I loved it.


Well I happened to have a life changing encounter that changed me from the very core of my being.


I had a change of heart, I lost all desire to work in this company.


I tried very hard to work up that desire.


It was to know avail.


I tried.


I struggled.


I wanted to keep my desire alive, but I just couldn’t do it.


The work I loved had become a drudgery.


I could no longer hide my lack of interest from my colleagues.


I eventually fessed up and decided to kiss my 9-to-5 goodbye.


They wanted me to stay, but my heart wanted me to go.


I quit.


I cleared my desk, said my goodbyes and followed my heart.




Nearly everyone with a JOB’s lives in fear.


As long as you work for somebody else, you’re at their mercy. You’ll never have full control over your life.


Every time your boss goes behind closed doors, you think they are having a meeting about you.


You’re thinking maybe it’s time for the next cuts, the next round of redundancies. You wondering if your job is next on the line.


Anytime there is another round of recruitment, you wonder if the interviewees are coming to take over your job.


Well, it happen to a friend of mine…


The company announced that they were recruiting new staff.


She was asked to prepare a training program for these new staff.


She trained them, only to realise much later on that she had just finished training her replacement.


So what do you say to things like that?


Where is the job security that most workplaces once prided themselves in?


Most workplaces are not what they used to be.


You don’t like going to the office, because the office environment is tense and toxic.


Most of your colleagues are suffering from depression or anxiety.


You are afraid to take time off sick, because you know somebody is watching, you not sure you if your job is the next one to be axed.


Even when you take the time you are owed off, you still can’t get away from the office, because something has come up and the office’s loyalty code dictates that you must attend to the ‘crisis’.


Time spent with friends and family gets shorter and shorter. You convince yourself, you need to put food on the table, you need to pay the bills.


You don’t even realise that you are no longer working to live, but you are now living to work.


You’ve become a modern day slave.


A slave to your office.


A slave to your boss.


A slave to your paycheque.


A slave to your bills.


Having your own business is not without its own challenges.


But it gives you freedom. You’re in control.


Personally, I choose when I work, what I work on and who I work with. What’s important to me is that I am doing what God put in my heart to do. What he put me on the earth to do.


If I don’t do it now, when will I ever do it?


I am building a business that will one day fully support me, even when I’m not at home doing the work.


It’s wonderful. A business that will support my calling and not compete with it.


But you want to know the truth?




Not even close.


This is for action takers.


Women who are tired of being codependent.


Women who are ready to take responsibility for their own lives.


Women who are ready to rise up, rise out of mediocrity, take charge of their own (financial) destinies, and have the freedom to do what God put them here to do in the first place.


The truth is, some people don’t like this idea of being responsible for their own lives.


They’d rather leave that responsibility to their boss.


Some unconsciously love the “security” of having a job, a steady paycheque and need to be told what to do by their boss. They say they hate having a boss but still want to hang on to their boss’ apron strings.  Without this, they feel insecure and lost.


Unfortunately, this “security” becomes their trap.


They dream of leaving their 9-5, but seem happier living in dreamers’ paradise.


They are not ready to do whatever it takes to get the results they want, to leave dreamers’ paradise behind, to see their dreams actualised.


If this is you, to be honest, we’re probably not a good fit for one another, you might as well stop reading now, things simply won’t work, the rest of this letter doesn’t apply to you.


I’m not a magician, I’m here to do business. Business means there must be an input that would get you an output.


So, for you to qualify to work with me, you must be ready to implement, you must be ready to invest time and effort, you must be of a different attitude, otherwise there won’t be any results, so there is no point.


But maybe you mean business.


Maybe you are one of those born with the entrepreneurial spirit that just missed your path and found yourself trapped in a 9-5.


Maybe you are one of those who knows inside that you have been called to do better and greater things.


Maybe you are one of those who is tired of mediocrity, you can no longer deny what you have inside, you can no longer turn a deaf ear to that call of destiny.


Maybe, like me, you are ready to follow your heart, and are looking for the way out, and you just don’t know how.




Since I quit my 9-5, I’ve met loads of women who desire the type of freedom I have to pursue my dreams.


They want to know how I did it, because deep down in their hearts they desire the same too. Well the journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s been adventurous and exciting, I would not want to exchange what I have for a 9-5.




I’ve been through the school of hard knocks, my desire is really to make the transition easier and faster for you. You don’t have to wander through no-man’s land forever.


That’s why having a coach to help guide you, and hold you accountable to your dreams, goals and plans can be so valuable.


You may want to quit your 9-5 or you may not even want to quit your JOB like I did, but you may want a side business that will give you more freedom, more options and make you less vulnerable.




Would you like to convert the expertise, unique skills, abilities, passion and the wealth of experience you’ve gained through life and working your 9-5 into your own business and create an asset that you can draw money from, well into the future?


Would you like to know how to find a profitable idea that you can turn into profitable and scalable business? (One that’s not limited by the number of hours that you personally have to put into it in a day, one that can help you earn a leveraged income, one the grows with you as you grow.)


Would you like to have a business that you won’t have to struggle to get clients for?


Would you like know how to start your business the right and smart way, get your first five clients, and start bringing in money?


Well, this is the deal:


Over the next 4 months, I’m going to help six women, start their own profitable business and get their first five paying clients.


If you’d like to be one of them, you’re invited to join our 2-in-1 program:  Start Your Own Business, Get Your First 5 Clients! – Launch your business with clients and profits.


Through this 2-in-1 program you will not only learn how to start up a profitable and scalable business, you’ll also learn how to get your first five clients.


There’s so much information out there about what you need to do to start a business, it leaves you overwhelmed, demobilises you and keeps you trapped in a maze.


I’ll help you eliminate the overwhelm, cut the chase and show you how to find the fastest route to the money.


You’re probably looking to start your own business, because you love the idea of freeing up your time, but the business models that most women go for, often keep them trapped. They don’t give them the time freedom they’re really after.  I’ll show you how to start a leveraged business that will help you free up your time so that you could live your dreams.


One of the most challenging problems that business owners have is: getting clients. Without paying clients, you haven’t really got a business.  I’ll show you step by step how to build your business with clients and profits factored in from ground up, and then I’ll show you how to get your first 5 paying clients.


In this 2-in-1 program: Start Your Own Business, Get Your First 5 Clients! Launch your business with clients and profits,  you’ll get an 8 module Business startup and client attraction program, designed to make you take action and cut out all excuses.


The program focuses on ways to make you a better entrepreneur, by changing your mindset and the way you see things.


It includes:


• Eight one-to-one 45 minute virtual coaching session to guide you through the 4 month program, providing you with the expertise and accountability to help you translate your business idea into reality.


• An actionable guide with assignments helping you to start your own business, setting you up for success from the get go.


By the time you’ve completed the program, you’ll know how to:


MODULE 1: Find Your Big Profit Idea – uncover a profitable and scalable business idea that can help you generate a leveraged income.


MODULE 2: Identify Your Perfect Client – identify your ideal client so that you can build a business that resonates with them and draws them in.


MODULE 3: Find Your Starving Crowd of Buyers – identify a hungry warm and willing-to-buy target market to serve.


MODULE 4: Choose a Leveraged Business Model – clarify how big you want your business to be and create a model that will support your long term goals, free up your time and help you maximise your income, influence and impact.


MODULE 5: Design Your Magnetic Brand Identity – create a powerful business identity that attracts your ideal client.


MODULE 6: Create Online Visibility – set up the foundation for your online business presence.


MODULE 7: Package & Price Your Irresistible Offer –package and price your expertise for profit.


MODULE 8: Get Your First 5 Clients – start building a solid client base and save yourself loads of time, money, worry and frustration.


You’ll also get:


• Unlimited email support during the 4 month program.
By the time we’re finished, you would have taken the first few steps towards making your business dreams a reality.


Instead of simply dreaming about quitting your 9-5 one day, or starting a side business, you would start seeing the possibility of those dreams coming to pass.




Well, let’s take a look at the real cost:


It saves you at least between one to five years of going round in circles in no-man’s land, battling confusion and overwhelm, not really knowing what you are doing or where you are going.


Time is money as you probably know. What will one, two, five or even more wasted years of your life cost you?


It saves you all the anxiety and fear caused by the thought of getting to work one morning and your job is gone.


Most people who are left unaffected by economic or other forms of turmoil are those with a contingency plan, a plan B, C or D, or more than one income stream.


That’s wise risk management. The quicker you start your business and start generating some income from it, the less vulnerable you will be.


It saves you worrying about about not having enough to fund your children’s educational. You don’t want to leave them at the mercy of the system that leaves them enslaved to debt even from an earlier age, if you can do something about it. Well, you don’t want that, do you?


It saves you worrying about unexpected expenses that come with daily living for example if your car breaks down or your boiler needs fixing.  Most people tend to get into debt when these unexpected things happen. They turn to their credit cards. Instead of a credit card you can fund these expense through your business and retain control over your life.


Talk about what it saves you in worry time over the thought of retirement, you’ve heard of those horror stories, haven’t you? The thought of not having enough to last you through your golden years.


Why worry if you can have a plan. Why worry if you have the solution staring you in the face – your own business.


You’ve invested most of your years in building another person’s business. Creating an asset that will work for them. Creating an asset that will continue to pay them when you’re long gone.


Doesn’t it make sense to invest some of your time, money, skills, expertise and vast experience into an asset that will work for you?


One difference between the poor, average and the wealthy is that the:


The poor WASTE their working life.


The average SPEND their working life and it’s all gone at the end of it all.


But the wealthy INVEST their working life to create a greater and brighter future, for themselves and others.


Have you ever seen the wealthy working a JOB? They may have at some point in their lives, but only as a stepping stone to becoming an entrepreneur or investor and creating time and financial freedom.


So, how much doesn’t it cost?


Well, not as much as it should.


99% of the time you are spending money. This is money invested, not spent.


It’s not money that leaves your life.


It’s money that goes into your future and is multiplied.


It goes into creating an asset that pays you.


I’m not asking you to spend money. I’m asking you if you are willing to stop spending your money, time, experience and life and are willing to start investing it.


Are you willing to start investing it in your own business?


Because listen:


Nothing is more expensive than getting great information and doing nothing about it.


If you don’t take the support I’m offering, you might end up being wonderfully successful, but you’ll probably go through a lot of hard knocks.


You may end up quitting your job prematurely, choosing a business idea that is unprofitable, building your business using a business model that is unscalable.


I’ve seen so many aspiring women entrepreneurs make these and other common but costly mistakes when starting their own business.


I know of a business woman who built her business fast, and built a large customer base, but got stuck and was unable to scale up her business and take it to the next level because she didn’t have enough foresight at the time to see the implications of some decisions she made when building her business foundation.


To correct those mistakes now, may mean losing her whole customer base, and at the moment that’s too expensive a price for her to pay.


You don’t have to learn from your own mistakes; talk about the expense. Mistakes are really expensive. I don’t believe anyone has the time and money for that. It’ll cost you thousands of pounds, then tell me about the wasted years, how would you get that back?


It’s way too costly.


The wise person gets ahead fast by learning from other people’s mistakes.


The wise person gets support. The wise person gets a mentor, teacher, an accountability coach, a cheerleader – a guide.


I’d like to think I can help you avoid at least some of those mistakes. I’m not saying I can save you, from all the problems of running your own business, but if I can save you from just a few that most women face when starting up their business, you’ll save 10-50 times what I charge you for my help.


With that in mind, the price is £1295 for the 4 month, one-to-one program.


However, I have a special offer for you to help you out on a more intimate level.


Just to make this program accessible to you, you can join the program at £695 while this offer lasts.


That means you can save approximately 50% of the program’s cost while this offer lasts.


You’re also protected by my full money back guarantee.




I want you to feel safe and secure that if you complete the coaching sessions with me and do the exercises, you’re going to be able to use what you learn to create a business you love and start building your client base.


By the time we finish together, I guarantee you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to get your business off the ground and get your first five clients. You’ll also have the support and accountability to start making it all happen.


But if you don’t think this is for you, I’ll give you your money back.


All of it. No questions asked.


Just email me within 30 days of registering for the program, and I’ll issue you a complete refund.




Because my job is to help you. If you don’t feel like my support is worth 10 times the price, you shouldn’t have to pay.




All right then, here’s what to do next:




Click the PayPal button below to pay for your program: Start Your Own Business, Get Your First 5 Clients! Launch your business with clients and profits.


Once the payment comes through, I’ll send you an email within one business day to schedule your first session.


Here’s the payment button:






Once all six spots are filled, I’ll be closing the program.




Because I’m not really into offering this much value and providing one-to-one coaching at this price point. It would do me much better to maximise my time and multiply my income through group coaching etc.


Sure, I’m getting paid for coaching here, but this is just something I’m doing to help out a few people. It’s not profitable for me to do this for ever.


The point?


If you believe that this is for you, go ahead and sign up. It’s only £695. You probably spend more than that on an iPad, an iPhone or a game for your kid, a liability and not an asset that has the potential to pay you.


But this is to help you build a firm foundation for your dream business, get your first five clients so that you can start getting some money coming in, take that first step solid towards quitting your 9-5 and being free to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.


But if this is not for you, that’s ok too.


You make a choice.


Click the payment button:




I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Davida Yemi-Akanle

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